Bund Technischer Experten (BTE / FUEDI)
The Bund Technischer Experten e.V. (BTE), the German branch of the European Federation of Loss Adjusting Experts (FUEDI) - based in NL-Rotterdam, sees itself as an organization of experts and loss adjusters with extraordinary professional experience.

In the German insurance and jurisdiction system independant highly qualified experts perform an important function for many decades.
Since its foundation in the year 1924, the BTE is obliged to this demanding claim. Thus, it became the association of the leading experts in Germany, with specialized mechanical and electrical engineers, civil engineers and architects, business economists, pyhsicists and chemists.
Different scopes of expert working and the wish for efficient exchange of experience have led to four departments: machinery, civil engineering, economics, and special problems (failure analysis, chemistry/labs, electronic problems etc.).
For more information have a look at www.bte-ev.de.
The BTE represents technical and economic experience on a high level - consequently promoted by rigid conditions of admission, permanent further vocational training and an active exchange of experience in the departments.
Every personal member guarantees with his name and reputation the competence and seriousness, combined with the sign "Experte BTE".
Thus, if there has to be done an expertise on a great loss or a valuation of important economic goods is needed in Germany, BTE experts are mostly involved. This proves the high importance of the Bund Technischer Experten for the national economy .