Expert Opinions on Technology Damage

The owner is publicly nominated and sworn expert for the field of "Damage Assessment of Machinery and Plants" by the IHK - Industrie- und Handelskammer Pfalz/Ludwigshafen.
In addition, he is publicly nominated and sworn for the field "Material Technology and Testing of Materials".

The owner is also an expert of the "Bund Technischer Experten (BTE)", the German branch of The European Federation of Loss Adjusting Experts - FUEDI. There he is concerned with the anal­y­sis of complex failures, engineering problems of machine and plant design, of power plant technology, and for calculation tasks.
Furthermore he is ZÜS expert on pressure vessels and steam boilers of GTÜ Plant Safety, as approved in­spec­tion body anal­o­gous to TÜV, DEKRA, etc.

-   Expert Opinions on Damage 

After fire, explosions, and other accidents or after mechanical break­downs in the processing industry, primary industry (chemical industry; iron and steel works, founding; mining), energy production (power plants), traffic or craftmanship: for insurances, investigation authorities, courts, approval and super­visory authorities as well as for enterprises and private customers. If required extensive in­ves­ti­ga­tion of the causes and development of failures or malfunctions taking in­to account electro­tech­nical, phys­i­cal/chem­i­cal, corrosive or me­chan­i­cal causes even in con­nec­tion with large scale damage.

For enterprises engineering examinations and expert statements on eventual design problems or cases of missing functions of newly pur­chased machines and installations, also for securing of evidence of problems for legal purposes.

Recommendations for the prevention of damage (risk analysis/risk management), reconstruction, safety of plants (design, manu­fac­tu­ring, operation, and inspection), also in connection with mediating actions concerning suppliers and manufacturers (arbitratory expert opinions).

-   Valuations 

If required in supplementing of technical opinions: determination of the amount of damages, evaluation of claims and corollary expen­ses, cost-finding of repair or replacement. In this connection, de­ter­mina­tion of the value of constructions and mobile economic good regarding the original, topical, and market value for insurances as well as for buying, sale, or bankruptcy (focussing on machines and technical plants).