Process and Power Plant Technology

-    Residual Lifetime of Used Components and Systems

Calculation of materials exhaustion (fatigue, creep) according to manu­facturer's specifications, to our own algorithms or to Technical Regulations.

Integral determination of residual lifetime for mechanically highly stressed systems and machines:
process components in chemical industry, HP piping, high-temperature appliances; steam and gas turbines, steam generators.

-    Retrofitting, Reconstruction; New Construction Projects

Definition and surveillance of short-term reconstruction steps, e.g. fluegas cleaning plants (repair, corrosion protection).

Consulting of international donator organizations and consulting companies: fact finding missions, de-bottlenecking, feasibility studies (technology; orga­nization).

Preparation of documents to be submitted for official approval and pre-inspection documents (VPU) for all kind of machinery and mechanical devices (e.g. approval procedures for the maintenance of nuclear power plants in Germany).