Plant Safety

Check up of sizing and the other way round: calculation of allowed maximal loadings; in relation to tolerance issues: safety assess­ment of damaged critical components (fracture mechanics).

Expert activities in the Regulated Area resp. according to the German decree for safe operations (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung), also on behalf of authorities.
Recurrent testing and evaluation of plant safety; determination of causes of damage in connection with the relevant technical regula­tions, e.g. in the investigations of accidents.
Holder is ZÜS expert for pressure equipment and steam generators of the German organization "GTÜ Anlagensicherheit", analogue to TÜV, DEKRA or other approved inspection bodies (ZÜS) in Germany.

Technical inspections according to national regulations; Third Party Inspections (component safety) on international scale.

In addition official expert activities according to § 20 Atomic Energy Act in Germany:
evaluation of documents to be submitted for official approval conc. nuclear power plant components (sizing of HP piping, fittings/safety valves etc.; discussion of emergency situations); preparation of expert opinions according to German BMI guidelines; check up of pre-inspection documents (VPU).